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All About Market Research is targeted to the global market research community. It offers an economical and effective way of reaching this audience of the Internet by means of:
  • Enhanced text links in our web pages.
  • Button ads in the left column.
  • Page sponsoring ads top corner.
  • Full page ads.
  • Custom made pages.
  • Industry Standard Advertising.

Click below on the link corresponding to
the amount of your purchase, and you
will be redirected to our authorized
retailer for completing the transaction.
Please read our terms and conditions.

Benefits of Advertising with us (AAMR) is a new advertising option in the Market Research category, and, as indicated by our user surveys, we reach a highly educated, affluent, and sophisticated worldwide audience. To help advertisers reach our base, we are very willing to work with you to structure an efficient campaign reflecting your specific goals and budget.

Every day the AAMR website gains a better position in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). You can personally check this fact in the following search engines:

Google Search

Bing Search

Yahoo! Search

For placing ads and advertising information, write to:
webmaster 'at' allaboutmarketresearch 'dot' com

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Click below on the link corresponding to
the amount of your purchase, and you
will be redirected to our retailer who
is authorized to enter your order.

Sponsor a website page or a theme page.
(Send us details for preparing a quote)

Plan a complete campaign with a specific target. (Send us details for preparing a quote)

Thanks for advertising with us!
Advertising helps maintain this site free.

Enrique De Argaez
Miniwatts Marketing Group
Bogota, Colombia

Our group of websites allows better
geotargeting and market reach: (English) (English) (Bilingual: English/Spanish) (English) (English) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish) (Spanish) (English) (English) (English)
Industry-standard advertising formats
Units & Formats

The diverse range of available advertising formats include:

  • Skyscrapers
    -- 120x600 or 160x600 (in right column of any page)
  • Embedded messages
    -- up to 180x150 (appear inside all or selected pages)
  • Banners
    -- 468x60 (12k) (across the top of all or selected pages)
  • Buttons
    -- 125x125 (5k), 120x90 (4k) and 88x31 (2k)
    (positioned in left or right columns)
  • Sponsored pages
    -- two lines of text, up to 65 characters per line (centered above headline on home and section-front pages)
  • Text links
    -- up to 65 characters (left column)
    -- any size in specialized pages body
  • Custome Made Theme Page
    -- Made to order page

    NOTE: we accept GIF, HTML, and Rich Media formats, contingent upon testing and approval.

For placing ads and advertising information, write to:
webmaster at allaboutmarketresearch dot com

Terms and Conditions:

1- RIGHT TO REFUSE: Internet World Stats (publisher) reserves the right to refuse any advertising requests. Advertisements related to adult material and gambling are not accepted.

2- INDEMNIFICATION FOR LIABILITY: Advertiser is solely responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material linked through the advertisement. Advertiser agrees to indemnify the publisher and to hold the publisher harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by the publisher, arising out of or related to advertiser's breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties.

3- LIMITATION ON DAMAGES: In no event will the publisher be liable to the advertiser for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, whether based on breach of contract, tort, negligence, or otherwise, and whether or not the publisher has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

4- DELIVERY OF ADS: The publisher will make a good faith effort to begin the display of advertisements on the start date if applicable. However, the advertiser understands that by the nature of online advertising, the advertising campaign's exact start and end dates and the rate of daily impressions delivered may vary due to fluctuations in daily traffic. Furthermore, site statistics are provided as-is without any guarantees. The publisher shall not be liable for advertising statistics.

About Us

EnriqueThe All About Market Research web site was created on November 28, 2004 by Enrique de Argaez, MBA, PE, the editor and webmaster. His present activities include International Internet Market Research and working as Managing Partner of his company, Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda., headquatered at Carrera 7-B # 134-B-66 in Bogota, Colombia, South America. His Phone number is 57-1-603-8155 and the electronic mail address is "info" at ""

Miniwatts Marketing Group is the International Division of Miniwatts de Colombia Ltda. ("Miniwatts"), a limited liability company (LLC) legally established in Bogota, Colombia since April 24, 1997, and registered in the
Bogota Chamber of Commerce.

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