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e-Business Web Solutions for Marketing

News, Tools and Resources for advertising, promoting, and
selling in the world wide web of the Internet.

Internet Publishing (Digital) Agencies

There are three situations to consider here:
1 - Are you a publisher and wish to find an ad agency?
2 - Are you an advertizer looking for an agency?
3 - Are you simply doing research and want some figures?

First of all, you must have clearly in your mind that the Internet is
a fast growing mass-media. Like other media, it offers the posibility
of reaching your target market with a message. The reach can be local
or global (worldwise), and the nice thing about the Internet is that your
readership can be measured very precisely. Another advantage is the
low cost of both advertising and publishing in the Internet.

For those of you interested in numbers (size of Internet advertising), we
are going to refer you to our Online Library. For those of you interested in adv or publishing, please read on. Below is a review of selected Internet Advertising companies.

Let's start with Google, the first company operating in the PPC market that understood that there should be a balanced approach to PPC, that there are always two sides to every coin. They realized that trying to attract advertisers was all very well, but that such advertisers needed somewhere to place their ads.

PPC advertising had first risen to popularity back in the boom days of the 1990's, but the technology at that time was not sophisticated enough to prevent rampant click fraud, so PPC was dropped by pretty much everybody as a valid advertising business model.

The only company that was willing to continue with the concept for the long term was one of the original PPC pioneers called They later became (better) known as who were in turn purchased in 2003 by Yahoo.

Google first launched themselves into the PPC business with their AdWords program in 2000 but it was only mildly successful until mid 2003, when they launched the other side of the coin service, AdSense. With both AdWords and AdSense in place, Google had thus become the first company to fully establish a successful, balanced and profitable contextual advertising business model.

A Note Regarding our Market Research Services and
doing your e-Marketing

Outsource for lower costs and better results. We do it all for you. We can help you develop e-Marketing Plans. We can do Market Research for you, surveys, online and offline. We can coach you, or your delegate, to be webmaster of your own website. We can proof-read your content and texts (copy). We can do your search engines optimization (seo) and registration. We can handle all your Internet work. Yes, for a small fee we do it all for you, by outsourcing - Our experienced staff is at your service at incredibly low rates. Just tell us what you need and we will send you a very competitive quotation.

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