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The Complete Guide to Internet Statistics and Demographics

by Enrique De Argaez, webmaster

I have been on the Internet for a few years now and, if I remember correctly, one of the first questions I had from the very beginning about the web was "How Many People are Using the Internet?"

I started to search for a reply to this very simple question and I started to get many different answers. The numbers were incomplete and the ones available were generally from many years back. Research reports with full information by specialized firms were available but for purchase at a high price...

Out of personal curiosity, more than for any other reason, I decided to start writing down all the countries I could find with the number of Internet users. Slowly at first, the list started to grow. Soon the help of an Excel dBase became necessary. More countries were added and updated figures started to come in.

The percentage of the population using the Internet in each country was investigated in order to complete the information. This number is called the Internet Penetration Rate and is expressed as a percentage. Once again, the need for accurate updated population statistics in my data base. These are very dynamic numbers and change constantly.

To make this story short, and to save you the reader much time and frustration, I decided to publish the Internet Usage Information and share it with everyone interested in Internet Market Research and in the growth and evolution of the wide world web that became the Internet. That is the story behind the Internet World Stats web site.

The following data reports regarding Internet Usage, Penetration and Population are available for free online viewing:

More information on Internet Statistics and Demographics links can be found in the Dmoz Directory.

I hope you have found this guide useful and should you wish to receive more information on Internet Statistics and demographics, please subscribe to our free newsletter.

About the Author:
Enrique De Argaez is the webmaster of the
"Internet World Stats" website. Since 2000 he has been collecting Internet Usage Statistics for over 233 countries and regions of the world, and publishing the data for free use by the academia, the global business community and the general public. For more information on Internet World Usage, visit his web site at:

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