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All About Market Research Blog - 2008

1,458 million Internet users - May, 2008

(July 31, 2008) -- The number of Internet users for June, 2008 is 1,458,632,361 million people, according to latest data from IWS. The new penetration rate is 21.8%, based on a world population estimate of 6,676,120,288 for mid-year 2008. To see the growth figures since 1995, visit the page Internet Growth Stats.

 New Blog in the Street

(July 18, 2008) -- The blog we shared for over one year with Internet World Stats called a stat a day is finished. It has been replaced with a totally new site, Internet Stats Today. This new blog will keep you up to date on our latest updates, postings, and news regarding market research and Internet usage statistics. We hope you find it useful and would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

See Internet Stats Today

1,407 million Internet users - 2008 Q1

(May 5, 2008) -- The number of Internet users for 2008-Q1 is 1,407,110,631 million people, according to latest data from IWS. The world penetration rate is 21.1%, based on a world population of 6,676,120,288 for mid-year 2008, an increase of aproximately 70 million people in one year. To see the growth figures since 1995, visit the page Internet Growth Stats.

All About Market Research - New Look

(Mar 10, 2008) -- We continue with the website update and new look. The new design has been implemented on most of the pages, and we have started publishing new content. Again, please let us know your suggestions about the type of content you would like to find here at the AAMR website.

All About Market Research - Update

(Nov 21, 2007) -- This website is getting updated and a general facelift as of today. New content as well as better and faster navigation will soon be available. We plan to add more Market Research (MR) and Business Intelligence (BI) articles to the Library. Let us know your suggestions and what type of content you would like. Thanks for visiting the AAMR website.

Internet World Stats - 2Q 2007

(July 17, 2007) -- Internet World Stats has updated its data for June 30, 2007. The number of Internet users worldwide is now estimated at 1,173,109,925 corresponding to a penetration rate of 17.8 %. Get all the details at the Internet Big Picture page.

Internet Advertising 2007

(June 21, 2007) -- Internet Advertising is coming of age. A clear evolution can be appreciated just by considering that in this year's Cannes film festival the three main categories are "print", "film", and "cyber". Likewise a new breed of Advertising Agency has appeared worldwide, specialising in the creation of beautiful websites and Internet ads. More on these subjects may be seen at the Internet Advertising page.

Top Brands Ranking in 2007

(April 24, 2007) -- The second annual BRANDZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands ranking was published recently by leading global market research and consulting firm Millward Brown. Google has risen to the top of this year's ranking, taking the number one spot with a brand value of $66,434 million. This was followed by General Electric ($61,880 million), Microsoft ($54,951 million) and Coca-Cola ($44,134 million). The ranking features the top 100 brands in the world, as measured in their dollar value. The aggregate value of all brands in the BRANDZ Top 100 increased by 10.6% in one year, from $1.44 trillion in 2006 to $1.6 trillion in 2007. The rankings lead to the fact that as economies become global and information more critical, intangible assets have replaced tangibles as a major source of shareholder value. Of these intangibles, brands are often the most valuable assets, accounting for approximately one third of the value of today's Fortune 500 companies.

See pdf report at Brandz Top 100 Rankings.

Search Trends Research Tool

(February 3, 2007) -- Google Labs has developed a new free research tool for tracking trends in Internet search. It's called Google Trends, and with it you can compare the world's interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they've been searched for on Google over time. Google Trends also displays how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and which geographic regions have searched for them most often.

See it at Google Trends.

World Economic Forum
Technology Pioneers 2007

(December 4, 2006) -- The World Economic Forum has selected 47 visionary companies as Technology Pioneers 2007. Each of the selected companies is involved in the development of life-changing technology innovation and has potential for long-term impact on business and society. The companies' products include microscopic pill cameras, bio sensors that localize landmines and implantable medical devices for the treatment of brain tumours.

See the 2007 Tech Pioneers.

World Economic Forum
Technology Pioneers 2007

(December 4, 2006) -- The World Economic Forum has selected 47 visionary companies as Technology Pioneers 2007. Each of the selected companies is involved in the development of life-changing technology innovation and has potential for long-term impact on business and society. The companies' products include microscopic pill cameras, bio sensors that localize landmines and implantable medical devices for the treatment of brain tumours.

See the 2007 Tech Pioneers.

All About Market Research website

(October 25, 2006) -- A New Look has been implemented to all the website pages. We hope that you like it. New content has also been added. One of the new pages is about Social Networks, a hot subject right now in Internet. Another page is about web analytics, a research tool.

Visit the Social Networks page.

All About Market Research website

(August 27, 2006) -- New content is being added to the website and older pages are being updated and their layout improved. Selecting the best content is difficult. Please give us your opinion on what to add and what to delete. Thanks.

Use the contact form.

Philippine Internet Cafes Evolving Rapidly to Value-Added Service Businesses

(July 14, 2006) -- The Internet cafe industry in the Philippines is rapidly transforming from its roots as simple LAN shops and networked cafes into complete business centers equipped with various value-added services, according to market research by IDC. Costly PCs and Intenet access help make Internet cafes a growing niche market, with top services including online gaming, Internet surfing and printing-scanning-faxing-copying.

Read the IDC press summary.

Residential VoIP in United Staes to Exceed $1bn in 2005

(August 21, 2005) -- According to preliminary findings from TeleGeography's latest research, total subscribers in the U.S. should exceed 4.1 million by year end, generating over $1bn in gross revenues for the year.

By the end of 2005, TeleGeography predicts that Cablevision, Comcast, and Time Warner together will have 2 million subscribers and nearly one-half of the total residential VoIP market.

Read the
Telegeography press release.

Top 100 Internet Merchants Account for 53 Percent of Online Sales

(June 10, 2005) -- With sales of $51.5 billion in 2004, the Top 400 online retailers represent 58 percent of all online sales, according to Kurt Peters, editor of Internet Retailer, and the top 100 e-merchants account for 53.1 percent of the market, he said, reporting data from the publication's updated rankings of the largest retail websites. He said "after only 10 years, the online market is rapidly approaching the concentration level of offline," where among chain retailers the top 100 account for 63 percent of all sales.

The top 400 combined get 1.1 billion visits a month and together shipped 401.5 million orders in 2004. The top selling categories online were computers and electronics retailers, accounting for 28 percent of all online sales; mass merchants, 27 percent; then office supplies retailers at 12.5 percent ;and apparel and accessories retailers at 9.2 percent.

Chains/stores account for 38.9 percent of sales; web-only merchants, 27.2 percent; consumer brand manufacturers, 18.8 percent; and catalog/call center merchants, 15.2 percent.

Find Page Rank without the Google Toolbar

(February 26, 2005) -- You can find out the Google Page Rank for any web page PR Search and any browser, this site features Page Rank Search, Link Popularity Checker, Google Position Search, Yahoo Position Search, and W@P Position Search. Try it out at:

Development and Globalization Report from UNCTAD

(February 27 2005) -- To mark its fortieth anniversary, UNCTAD published a compact statistical reference book in pdf format called Development and Globalization: Facts and Figures. It describes in a straightforward manner the evolution of developing countries, particularly in the context of globalization.

The Development and Globalization: Facts and Figures covers subjects such as trade, investment, external finance, commodities and manufactures, together with relevant facts about population and other statistics, get the free report at this
download link

The New MSN Search Engine

(November 12 2004) Microsoft is committed to improving your search experience. They offer to make it easier and faster to find the information you need, and help you make the most of the time you spend online with their NEW MSN Search Engine.
Overture has been a strategic partner of MSN since 2001, and this distribution relationship with Microsoft in the United States and internationally has been extended through June 2006. This means Microsoft's advertising program is still under development. Below is the link to the new MSN SE, give it a try.

Test drive the MSN Search here

The Internet Activity Index

(November 18, 2004) -- The Online Publishers Association (OPA) released today the Internet Activity Index (IAI) for October 2004. The Index divides and tracks Internet usage among four distinct activities - Content, Communications, Commerce and Search - and was produced in conjunction with Nielsen//NetRatings. It is published monthly by the OPA. The October 2004 data revealed that Content held its position as the leading online activity as measured by share of time spent online.

In October, 40.2% of time spent online was spent on Content, followed by Communications at 39.8%, Commerce at 15.8% and Search at 4.3%. Commerce and Search were the only two categories to register increases in share of time spent in October 2004 versus September 2004, from 15.2% to 15.8% and from 4.0% to 4.3%, respectively.

IAI - October,2004

 The New Internet Activity Index

(August 26 2004) - The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced today the launch of the Internet Activity Index (IAI), a new way of looking at consumer engagement online developed in connection with Nielsen//NetRatings.

The IAI divides Internet usage into four distinct activities: Content, Communications, Commerce and Search. By tracking share of time spent on each activity on a monthly basis, the Index provides a benchmark for charting the relative impact of changing market dynamics on these segments as the Internet continues to evolve.

"Since its initial use primarily as a communications medium, the Internet has evolved into a platform that supports many types of activities and many different business models," said Michael Zimbalist, president of the Online Publishers Association. "It will be fascinating to track macro-level shifts in online activity through the IAI and gain a greater understanding of the level of engagement online consumers have with respect to each of these key segments."

To read the complete story (Press Release) and to see the full Internet Activity Index, visit the Online Publishers Association Website.

OPA website here

This page features Internet market research news and updates to this website. This Web Log also reports on other blogs that cover web market research and marketing related subjects.

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