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Marketing Research Tutorials,
e-Learning Tips and Guides
- help for doing your own market research -

This page contains external links to market research related tutorials.
For the best-of-breed articles in statistics, marketing research, surveys,
polls, focus groups, online survey methods, and other market research
technologies please visit the Online Market Research Library.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read many of these tutorial files.
If you do not have it
get it here - it's free.



Online Research Tutorial
Complete online research tutorial from the University of Pennsylvania
that covers working with topics, the types and sources of information,
locating and evaluating information, and available documentation.

Market Research Tutorial
Tutorial on How To Understand Your Customers.

OSU Research Tutorial
A free, "teach yourself" tutorial that lets you improve your
Internet Research Skills, written by the Oregon
State University Valley Library.

Statistical Support
Tutorials and help from the U. of Texas at Austin.

Virtual Training Suite
A set of free online tutorials, in 40 subject areas, designed to
help students, lecturers and researchers improve their Internet
information literacy and IT skills.



International Trade Tutorial
Obtain a better understanding of how to succeed in e-trading.

Research Assistance
Information and help from the University of Kansas.



Researching an Industry or a Specific Company
An organized step by step procedure to learn about an industry
or a specific company is provided. If you are only interested in a
specific company, start at Step 8, then lightly cover some of the
other areas to learn about industries the company operates in.
This useful site is one of several owned by Polson Enterprises.

How to Conduct a Patent Search
A tutorial for conducting a preliminary patent search prior to
enlisting a patent agent or patent attorney to file a patent.

How to find Industry Portals
Links to many Industry portals very useful to those
in the industry, researchers, and investors.

How to Research a Company from its Products
Learn More About a Company by Examining its Products.

How good is your Internet Marketing Strategy?
How much is it producing each month, or is it
costing you money? If so, then it's time to
think seriously in doing
Market Research.

Best Tips

Internet Stats Today Blog
A Collection of Articles Regarding
Internet Usage and Market Research

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