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Doing Market Research
With Search Engines

There are many useful search engines for doing market research
in the Internet. Each one has it's own special features that
come in handy in special cases. You should become familiar
with them and their capability to make your work easier.



A search engine is a program that searches documents for specified
keywords and returns a list of documents where the keywords were
found. Although search engine is really a general class of programs,
the term is often used to specifically describe systems that enable
users to search for documents on the World Wide Web of the Internet.

Very cool, modern and fast, new Yahoo search engine.

A search engine, associated with Yahoo.

Search engine and directory from America-On-Line.
It is powered by Google.

One of the first Search Engines in the Web.

Simply the best search engine.

Metasearch in Yahoo, and in MSN.

Bing Search
Very fast and accurate new search engine from Microsoft©.

Entire Web
Another search engine, associated with mamma, ixquick,
findtarget, search66, infogrid, etools, flexfinder, Kartoo,
seek2day, and windseek.

Teoma is now merged with Teoma, means "expert" in Gaelic.

Another old search engine in English.



The problem of not being able to find what users are looking for has now transformed
into one of finding too much information. Today's search engines burden the user with
the task of interpreting hundreds or thousands of documents to glean the information
they need. Clustering allows knowledge workers and researchers the ability to view
categorized results without the time cost and complexity of reading huge lists.

Giga Blast
The Gigablast website provides unique "Gigabits" of
information, enabling visitors to refine their search
based upon related topics from search results.

A clustering technology search engine.

A new type of meta search with clustering.

A new type of search engine that orders the information for you.



In a meta-search engine, you submit keywords in its search box, and it transmits
your search simultaneously to several individual search engines and their databases
of web pages. Within a few seconds, you get back results from all the search engines
queried. Meta-search engines do not own a database of Web pages; they send your
search terms to the databases maintained by search engine companies.
A better than average meta search software that queries leading
search engines to bring you back relevant, high quality results.

A powerful metasearch engine.

INFO is a platform that pulls together the best of
breed search tools. From a single search query, provides
results from the leading search engines and pay-per-click directories. also includes comparison shopping and product reviews, a broad
selection of news, health, pictures, eBay, jobs, White and Yellow Pages,
tickets, flights, hotels, weather, maps and directions.

An excellent mega search engine in English.
Another mega search engine in English.
Delivers results in another way different to other search engines.
New search engine with over one billion pages
indexed and support for 40 languages.

KartOO is a metasearch engine with visual display interfaces.
When you click on OK, KartOO launches the query to a set
of search engines, gathers the results, compiles them and
represents them in a series of interactive maps.



The Internet Search Engine Data Base features major search engines and
directories from all over the world. Also, a direct link to the submission
page for easy web site submission.

ilectric info portal is a robust suite of research
tools, featuring a relevant metasearch engine.

Another good search tool for the following subjects:
agriculture, animals, arts, automobiles, business,
children, communications, communities, computers,
culture, education, jobs, entertainment, food, games, etc.

Directory showing 2,581,811 of the best checked links online.

PR Search
Gives the search position in Google and Yahoo.

The Orange Pages
The family safe search directory, currently containing
3,003,391 websites reviewed for safe browsing.

Links to over 148 search engines.



Internet Address Finder
The IAF has a list of over 6,720,664 email addresses
that you can search.

Google Directory
Featuring places where to look for addresses.



Search Engine Yearbook
Alphabetical list of Search engines, including
the url for submitting web pages.

Search Engine Guide
Search engines, resources and tools for exploring
the deep web and performing advanced research.

The Spider's Apprentice
Guide to web search engines. Includes tips on using
internet search sites like Google, alltheweb, and Yahoo.

Search Engine Showdown
The users' guide to search engines and web searching.

Search Engine Watch
Information on the main search engines and their features.

Search Engine Journal
Fair and balanced search engine news.
Advanced tips and advice for using the search engines.



Sometimes we don't always find what we need with search engines. Some Internet
material has been referred to as the Hidden Internet, the Deep Web or the Invisible
Web. The Invisible Web is comprised of information stored in databases, where spiders
and robots cannot enter. It resembels a massive library with securely bolted doors.
Spiders can record the library's address, but can tell you nothing about the books,
magazines or other documents contained there. This material comprises: Non-HTML files,
webbed databases, sites requiring registration or login, archives, dynamically created
web pages, interactive tools (calculators, etc.). If you discover a database devoted to
your field of inquiry, it can be like striking gold. Databases exist on all sorts of topics
and for many purposes (social, scholarly, scientific, research, legal, commercial, trivial)
Here are some ways to hunt. Keep your approach VERY broad and general, gateways
have been developed to mine these hidden troves.

Library Spot
The Invisible Internet, the "Deep Web"
Find hard to find information.
Links and tips for searching over 103,000
databases in the Internet.
Links and tips for searching over 103,000
databases in the Internet.

Online Universities
How to search the Invisible Internet.

››› YELLOW PAGES (Specialized Directories)


Super Pages
A B2B directory for finding sites, products and
services in United States and Canada.

Latin Yellow Pages
Links to the yellow pages of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica,
Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua,
Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

B2B Yellow Pages
A B2B directory where buyers and suppliers can advertise
and find the products and services of their interest.

Search engine for the Yellow Pages of Canada and USA.

Virtual Yellow Page Directory
Search the USA Yellow Pages here.

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