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Newspapers and the Media

Newspapers have many uses in market research, as
publicity generators and also as marketing tools

Here you will find links to the main newspapers in the world and also links to the best online editions of the press. Smart marketers use the newspapers to do market research, and press releases as an excellent way to get publicity for their web sites.

Read our blog to get the latest website news and updates.


spacerGet the Headlines first from these Internet Web Sites

Google News
Search the media for your favorite subject news.
Includes free (beta) news alert service.

BBC News
The latest news in 33 different world languages from the BBC.

MSN News
Microsoft Search Technologies also displays latest news.

Search for the latest news with Topix.

Yahoo News
The latest news from around the world and more.

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spacerNews headlines from selected online newspapers

NY Times
News delivered daily in your email, requires free registration.

Washington Post
Requires free registration, has launched a redesigned home
page with better navigation and faster loading pages.

US Today
News from the United States and the world.


spacerFind the newspapers and media of the world

Online Newspapers
Thousands of world newspapers at your fingertips.

Open Directory Project
Dmoz news and newspaper directory of the world.

Libdex Newspaper Directory
Links to selected newspapers and magazines.

Media Jumpstation
Search for all United States media websites here by media type, by
geography, or by key word. A great resource for your research work.

News Directory
Search this free directory of newspapers, magazines, television stations,
colleges, visitor bureaus, governmental agencies and more can help you
get to where you want to go, or find sites you didn't know about.


spacerRead selected newspapers and leading media of the world

Keep Media
Keep Media library covers nearly every topic imaginable,
with articles spanning 12 years ago through today.


spacerGet Publicity from Press Release Writing

Press Release Coaching Tips
Learn the ins and outs about getting free publicity from
press release writing and distribution.

Media Jumpstation
Search for all United States media websites here by media type, by
geography, or by key word. A great resource for your research work.

Page updated
21 September 2013

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A Collection of Articles Regarding
Internet Usage and Market Research

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