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Public Opinion Polls and Polling

A poll is either an election or a survey of a particular group. The word
often refers to the election itself, as the place where voters cast their
ballots is called a polling station. However, polls may also be surveys
that merely canvass opinions and have no binding force. In this sense,
a poll is often assumed to relate to politics, but it may simply refer to
any survey of popular opinion.


PEW Research Center
The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press is one of six projects
that make up the The Pew Research Center, and features poll reports.

GMI Public Opinion Poll Library
The GMI Poll Library has a wealth of information and data on a variety of subjects,
from consumer use of electronics and cell phones to global opinions of government
and brand image. The GMI Poll is the perfect source for your polling results on
elections, brand awareness, and any other important issue in the media.


What is a Public Opinion Poll?
Taking the opinions from a sample of the electorate regarding their voting intentions,
their views of political leaders, and wider political attitudes. They are also used to
assess consumer preferences. Polls originated in the USA in the 1930s, and today
are commonplace both at and between elections. Although based on small samples,
if the sample is systematically drawn and representative of the population, the poll
is accurate to within a few per cent. There is concern that the publishing of polls
forecasting the results of elections could themselves influence voting intentions,
and some countries restrict poll publication before an election.

GMI Public Opinion Poll
Targeted for news agencies worldwide, GMI Poll is the ideal public opinion survey for
reporting on key issues and events such as elections, war, terrorism, obesity, AIDs,
global warming and the global economy. The GMI Poll is an indispensable tool for
public opinion research.


GMI Poll Technology
Survey data for the GMI Poll and GMI 20 Omnibus are collected by
using Net-MR, GMI's web-based suite of market research tools that
includes data collection, analysis, and reporting.


GMI Customer Feedback
Receive real-time feedback from your customers with NetReflector's complete
enterprise solution of software and services. Your company’s business success
depends upon your ability to respond quickly to all your customers' needs and
preferences. For a completely integrated solution for customer feedback, get
in contact with NetReflector .

GMI Employee Feedback
Deliver valuable real-time feedback from employees and partners with NetReflector's
complete enterprise solution of software and services. Whether you are looking for
enterprise feedback software for use by your employees, or a completely integrated
solution to measure partner and employee feedback, look to NetReflector .

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21 July 2008

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