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Retail Industry
Market Research

The retail industry involves the sale of new or used goods to final consumers for personal or household consumption.


spacerRetail Industry Online

Retail Industry in the Wikipedia
Definition, history, and evolution of the retail industry.

About the Retail Industry
Retail is the second-largest industry in the United States
both in number of establishments and number of employees. The U.S. retail
industry generates $3.8 trillion in retail sales annually ($4.2 trillion
if food service sales are included), approximately $11,993 per capita. The
retail sector is also one of the largest worldwide.

Retail Industry Online
RetailIndustry.Com is a web guide for retail industry executives. It
provides links to the best sites and resources online
so that busy professionals can save valuable time.

Progressive Grocer
Progressive Grocer provide unique editorial coverage to help retailers
win the battle for consumer dollars in a fast-changing marketplace.

Retail and Distribution Infosys
Infosys delivers complete IT services and business solutions for retailers
based on rich domain expertise and strong technical capabilities.
Infosys has helped clients save working capital, reduce inventories
and develop customer-centric metrics to boost sales and minimize lost sales.

Skill Smart Retail
Run by retailers for retailers, Skillsmart Retail operates under licence to
the Department for Education and Skills and is part of the
Skills for Business Network.

Investopedia - The Retailing Industry
Retailing can be a fairly general description for an industry. All
businesses that sell goods and services to consumers fall under the
umbrella of retailing, but there are several directions we can take
from here. For starters there are department stores, discount stores,
specialty stores, and even seasonal retailers.

All Retail Jobs is the largest career and recruiting board
designed for Retail. Its mission is to enhance recruiting and
career opportunities for individuals in the retail industry.

Microstrategy for the Retail Industry
Retailers demand high-performance business intelligence
applications to support the intense challenges and trends
that the industry faces, such as data proliferation, distributed
decision-making, renewed focus on customer loyalty, increasingly
sophisticated user populations, and technological advances like RFID.


spacerMarket Research Reports and News

The Financial Markets Research Center at Vanderbilt University was founded in
1987 to foster scholarly research in financial markets, financial instruments,
and financial institutions. Research of the Center may focus on participants in
financial markets, such as brokers, exchanges, and financial intermediaries, on
businesses needing financing, and on appropriate regulatory policy.

Financial Insights provides industry business leaders with informed opinions on the
technologies required to create a competitive advantage. Research covers topics
of strategic importance to banks, insurance companies, asset management firms,
securities brokerages, and diversified financial institutions globally. This research is
used to guide internal investment decisions, help in planning for future technology
needs, benchmark against competitors, and stay current on solution offerings.

Financial Markets Center
The Financial Markets Center provides research and education resources to citizen
organizations, policymakers, scholars and journalists interested in central banks
and the financial sector. The materials at this website include analytical reports,
data sets, teaching tools and an extensive archive of Federal Reserve records.

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spacerLinks to selected sources of retail information

Retail Online Checkout Report
This special report about the online retail checkout process takes
a detailed look at how e-commerce sites can reduce abandonment
rates, using real-life examples from top etailer sites. Report examines
checkout best practice in the context of the overall customer journey,
based on expertise in both design and psychology.


spacerFind the books and articles you need

Questia Online Library
Questia is the World's Largest Online Library of Books plus
Tens of Thousands of Journal Articles. Suscription required.

Libdex Newspaper Directory
Links to selected newspapers and magazines.

Media Jumpstation
Search for all United States media websites here by media type, by
geography, or by key word. A great resource for your research work.

News Directory
Search this free directory of newspapers, magazines, television stations,
colleges, visitor bureaus, governmental agencies and more can help you
get to where you want to go, or find sites you didn't know about.

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17 Sept 2013

Internet Stats Today Blog
A Collection of Articles Regarding
Internet Usage and Market Research

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