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White Papers

Initially White Papers were statements of proposed government policy
on a particular area of concern and often contained a statement of policy. Their intention was to spark debate, often inviting comment. They often paved the way for future legislation, however there was no obligation to act along the lines proposed.

Today, the definition of white paper is a detailed or authoritative report, and includes documents created to help guide you (the users) in the use of a particular piece of hardware or software. White Papers can provide special or advanced instructions on special features or setup methods. White Papers do not include advertising nor commercial propaganda. However, whitepapers are
excellent sales tools.



InfoWorld Test Center
White papers and reviews by IT topic.

Directory for IT white papers, webcasts, and case studies. Covers IT
categories including Data Management, IT Management, Networking,
Communications, Enterprise Applications, Storage, Security and more.

Technology white papers, webcasts, case studies and IT product
information for busy professionals.

Computerworld White Papers
Technology white papers, research reports, and IT product
information for IT professionals.

Find White Papers
Technology white papers, webcasts, case studies and IT product
information for busy professionals.

White Papers for Governments
Technology white papers, webcasts, case studies and IT product
information for government IT procurement.



European Union White Papers
List containing White Papers published since 1985 by the EU.

Canada White Papers
List of white papers put out by the Canadian federal government.

China White Papers
List of white papers issued by the Government of China.

UK Official Documents
The official reference facility for Command and departmentally
sponsored House of Commons Papers.

UK Business Innovation and Skills Papers
Find tools and guidance for business, jobs and pensions.



Macromedia Government White Papers
These white papers details best practices and techniques.

Macromedia E-Learning White Papers
Downloadable white papers from Macromedia for accessibility,
business, e-Learning and Government.

e-Learning Adobe White Papers
E-learning white papers, all in one spot.

Lectora e-Learning White Papers
Getting started with e-Learning white papers.

e-Learning White Paper from Elernity (pdf)
Avoiding e-Learning Failure, white paper.

The e-Learning List White Papers
Selected white papers intended to help you
better understand the elearning landscape.



A white paper can be an authoritative report on a major issue, as by a
team of experts; a government report outlining policy; or a short treatise
whose purpose is to educate customers (contrast position paper).
It is called white paper because it was originally bound in white.

A white paper is a report on a topic given by an individual
or group with authority on the topic, typically to explain the
results of a development effort. Technology companies often
publish white papers to explain newly developed technologies
and can include an explanation of how the technology was
developed, how it is used, benchmark and other testing results
for the technology, statistical analyses, and other information.
Companies often use white papers to educate people about
their products and/or services as a way of marketing them.


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Network and e-Mail Security White Papers
Security white papers and articles.

IBM Security White Papers
IBM Security white papers library.

Sans Org White Papers
Security white papers reading room.

Cloud Security White Papers
Cloud security white papers and articles.


spacerGet help for doing your online research

Free White Paper Colection
Several free white papers for you to read.

b2bInternational White Papers
B2B Marketing white papers.

Decision Analyst White Papers
Market research white papers.

Delphi Group White Papers
Market research white papers.

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